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We leverage our strength in recruiting to deliver the perfect candidate.

Are you struggling to hire the right full-time employees for your technology initiatives?  Are you frustrated with the quality of candidates that you get from outside agencies or your internal HR department?  Do you feel that no one understands the combination of personable attributes and technical skills that spell long-term fit within your organization?

Many of our clients are telling us that one of their primary challenges is the difficulty in hiring quality technical resources to help them grow their business.  In response to these current market conditions, we are leveraging our strength in recruiting to bring you a service offering that will ease your pain.  It works like this…
We locate, interview face-to-face, and technically assess candidates. We then present you with the most qualified candidates. You bring in the right resource on a 13-week temp-to-perm basis. All the salary details are worked out with the future employee up front. At the end of 13 weeks, the resource becomes a full-time employee of yours. No up-front fees, no back-end fees, just a fair hourly rate for the 13 weeks. 
If temp-to-perm does not work for you, we can provide the same service for a one-time fee, based on a percentage of the salary.  This way, the candidate becomes an employee of your company on day one.
What makes us different than the other recruiters you have worked with in the past? We are a software development company with a dedicated, highly productive recruiting department. We know how to hire technology professionals because we are a company of technology professionals. 
Our approach has been overwhelmingly successful. Here are a few comments from our clients:
“SolTech has done a tremendous job understanding my needs of candidates and their hit rate on interviews to job offers far surpasses any industry average.”
"SolTech took time to meet with me and understand my needs rather than doing it over a 15-minute phone call. We didn’t talk about the industry buzzword punch list; we spoke about people and personalities.”
“Working with SolTech has been much like working with an expert tailor. They go to great lengths to make sure the finished product is exactly what you’re looking for, and amazingly, they do it for a very reasonable price.”

Want to learn more?  Please send us a request for information or contact us at 404.601.6000 or info@soltech.net.