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SolTech Services

SolTech is committed to you before and after implementation.

We realize that service after the implementation is as important as the service we provide before and during the project. Our commitment applies to the day-to-day maintenance of systems and enhancements to meet the changing needs of our client's business.

Application Support

Building the right solution is important, but supporting that application after implementation is also critical. After we build a custom solution the same team is there to support our clients by maintaining and enhancing the solution with changes or added functionality. The team is comprised of SolTech employees—not contractors--which ensures consistency of application support. Most technology staffing teams—comprised of contractors—can’t do this and many technology firms don’t want to. SolTech’s commitment to our clients and our skilled employees lowers your risk, increases convenience, ensures system viability and continuity—which in turn protects our client's investment.

Infrastructure Support

After we build a custom solution, we are also there to support our clients by hosting applications and supporting entire infrastructures. This makes our client's lives easier and maximizes time through a single point-of-contact for support of an entire solution. Many of our clients don't have time for vendors pointing fingers at one another. A single source means clear accountability from a source you’ve already grown to trust and rely on—SolTech.

Want to learn more?  Please send us a request for information or contact us at 404.601.6000 or info@soltech.net.